Our history, or better said adventure, started around the year 2000, when inventor and founder Sauro Martella, a former “lighting guy” and representative for known companies in the sector, invents a site with a bizarre but equally captivating name, that a few years later will become synonymous for publishing in the Professional Entertainment sector: ZioGiorgio.


“There are many legends and stories tied to the choice of this name, and like for any self-respecting legend, the truth will never be revealed! “ Remember the founders on the tenth anniversary in 2010.

“We did not want to search a boring and assumed name like super-professional-audio-lighting or things like that, but we were interested in a new approach, more friendly, a way to communicate more suited to this industry and to our disposition and that’s how we created ZioGiorgio, or simply Lo Zio, which in Italian means The Uncle … “


It’s in the year 2002 when the technical department, which has always been led by the other founding partner Cesare Patara, embarks on a project as ambitious as deranged, to create a network of as many as 5 languages with completely independent sites with original content. These languages become even 6 in 2013 with the creation of the Russian portal, a rare case in the web and certainly unique in our industry.

“Today we have perception of what it means to maintain a web site with an important traffic, security, privacy, updates, that are just some aspects, but at the time we could not even imagine the enormous work behind it. We already had ten websites 10 years ago! Let’s say that was – and still is – an exciting challenge … “


Echoing the winning and well-tested scheme of ZioGiorgio’s international network, over the years are born, a portal dedicated to musical instruments, and, dedicated to the emerging field of integrated systems, that today are two well-established companies, appreciated by professionals and companies.

NRG 30

With the continued growth of the network, the sites and related acvtivities need a corporate restructuring and in 2008 NRG30 Srl becomes the parent company, that encompasses all the various activities created along the way. That occasion sees an expansion of the number of associates that now also includes Aldo “Hucchio” Chiappini, who arrived in 2005 as a news editor. Today he holds the position of Editor-In-Chief and Coordinator for all activities of the company.

“I met Sauro Martella in 2004. He already walked around barefoot and lived in the mountains, like an ascetic. During our first meeting, I wondered how far I could go in this company, but I’d never thought that with ZioGiorgio I would have had the chance to travel half the world, attend an endless series of concerts and visit important companies everywhere. How was this possible? I believe that trivially all can be enclosed in the word ‘passion’ … “



It’s beyond discussion that everything we have achieved and what we are today would not have been possible without the contribution – sometimes decisive – of a long list of friends and collaborators who have worked with us over the years. Some are still with us, others explored new avenues.: Andrew, Luke, Alex P., Anastasia, Valerie, Nadir, Alberto, Alex C., Marco …