International Network is the only publishing project in the sector to boast six portals in six languages. Hundreds of news directly from the market, technical articles, concerts, services. For 15 years, always live, always in the field. A firm point for any professional.


A website dedicated to the world of musical instruments, not one of the many, unique, nice, always impartial and critic thanks to a rigorous approach, but entertained and entertaining at the same time. A beacon in the boundless sea of offerings in the net …


A website dedicated to the world of integrated systems, such a vast and undefined field. With our professionalism we were able to streamline and make the communication clear, taking care of novelties, technologies and solutions for professional installers and companies.




Services specifically designed and tailored for companies that want to make the most of all the possibilities offered by the multi-platform communication: social media marketing, visual communication, cross media solutions, trade and show services. Packs managed and optimized by our professionals with real experience in the specific field!

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